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It started with focus groups and surveys. Then, when Detroit Lions team president Rod Wood took over in his new role last season, he started investigating what hiring cheerleaders would mean for the organization.

After seeing the data from surveys, several months ago Wood went to the ownership group -- led by Martha Ford -- and asked what they thought. Wood wouldn’t say whether or not it was a tough sell to the Ford family, which had never wholesale nfl jerseys employed cheerleaders before, but they saw the merits of it.

“It was part of a process explaining how we would go about it and how it would be integrated in the in-game presentation and what we would use the team to do representing us out in the community,” Wood said. “Not just at the game but as Wholesale Los Angeles Rams Jerseys a representative of the organization at charitable events, working with sponsors and once you laid the whole thing out, it was a decision that we made.”

Don't expect the cheerleaders to have too prominent a presence, though. Based on Wood's comments, they will be part of the in-game experience, not their own entity like the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders. Wood said the team has made no decisions on cheerleader calendars or anything like that. Wholesale Los Angeles Rams Jerseys

Wood said he spoke with multiple Wholesale nfl jerseys teams that employ cheerleaders in coming up with the plan, although he declined to name which teams he spoke with.

The cheerleaders will not be employed by the Lions, but rather an affiliate of the organization, Ford Field Management. They will not be full-time employees, but considered part-time or seasonal employees. The Lions would not divulge the salary of the cheerleaders. At least for the first year, it cheap nfl jerseys will be an all-female team. Wood said they had not had many discussions about the possibility of a co-ed team, but that the franchise has not ruled it out in the future. Just for the first season.
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